Diep.io Hack – Tank Level, Speed, Unlimited Health

Diep.io is a free, browser-based game similar to its predecessors, Agar.io and Slither.io. While they are all related, Diep.io brings a different and challenging gameplay style that separates it from the rest. Diep.io is available on iOS, Android, and PC. Remember, diep.io is a growing game, with more and more users playing every day. Now is your chance to get a headstart on the domination of diep.io hack, before everyone else catches up.

How is Diep.io different?

Instead of controlling a snake, like in slither.io, in diep.io you control a tank. The goal, of course, is to grow, grow, grow by destroying the blocks floating around you and other user’s tanks. However, there’s more to it than dodging or ramming other tanks, because in diep.io, you have a cannon. As your tank grows, your stats grow too, giving this game a bit more depth than it’s predecessors. These stats allow you to upgrade various abilities of your tank. Upgrading stats was not an option in agar or slither.

Full detailed Graph on Diep.io Upgrades

Crush the Competition with Diep.io Cheats

To fully master this game, and to ensure your victory, there are a number of ways this free online tool can help you. Besides, it’s a long more fun when you’re dominating.

Here are some of the things you can control with the Diep.io Hack

Unlimited Health – This mod transforms your tank into a undefeatable monster. With unlimited health, there is no need to worry about damage from blocks or other tanks. This is a great way to rapidly increase stats in the beginning of the game.

Unlimited Invisibility – Turn your tank into a silent ninja with this diep.io cheat tool. While not quite as powerful as the unlimited health mod, invisibility will protect you from other users and it will allow you to sneak up on and assassinate unsuspecting tanks.

Tank level – Another powerful feature of this tool is raising your tanks level. When your tank gains levels, you can increase their stats in a variety of ways. The higher these stats, the more damage and destruction your tank can unleash on your enemies.

Constant speed – As the saying goes ‘speed kills’. A fast tank is a strong tank. Why? Not only can you outrun an enemy who’s chasing you, you can run down an enemy who is running from you! Plus, you can easily dodge blocks or follow ones you wish to destroy.

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No-ads – You just want to play (and dominate) diep.io. You didn’t start playing diep.io for the ads. This tool allows you to play ad free, further enhancing the experience.

Fast Connect – quickly and efficiently enter the game, without waiting in the que.

If you’re truly feeling like an evil warlord, you can take advantage of any or all of these diep.io hacks easily with our tool. Skill be damned because when you are using one of these cheats you will instantly become game’s most dangerous player.

Without these hacks, it will be hard or even impossible to reach the maximum level of 45. As an early level tank, you will be at a huge disadvantage compared to basically every other player. You can approach this a few ways.


Not all mods give an unfair advantage. Some diep.io mods are made simply to change the games visual graphics to better suit your preference. Others allow you to change backgrounds, tank designs, block designs and more. Some mods allow you to play with friends, which you can’t do with the game alone.

Minor hacks

Some players just prefer to use a few minor hacks to jumpstart their game without going overboard. This way, you can still maintain some competitiveness. A minor hack may be leveling your tank up a few times so that you’re on a level playing feel with the rest of the game. This isn’t unfair to your competitors because you’re not having to kill them or blocks for leveling up. If you play this way, you will still have a challenge. Keep in mind, your other competitors may be using these tools as well, so you can never be too careful.

This is what out Diep.io hack tool looks like!!

Major hacks

These are the hacks like unlimited health, unlimited invisibility, etc. When you use these hacks, you essentially become an invincible god of diep.io destruction. Using these hacks will allow you to dominate every game you play in, allowing you to play without worry.

How to Hack Diep.io

That part is pretty simple. Use the tool found here to take total control of your game and your tank. There is no other free tool with the same capabilities. No downloads required, no sketchy files to worry about.

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Your Competition Will Have No Idea

Another plus point to this tool is that it leaves no trace. The other players in your game will be none the wiser, they’ll just be confronted with a quickly growing, strong tank. If you are using these hacks, your tank will be pretty powerful, so if someone decided to seek you out (if you aren’t invisible, of course) they will be in for a very rude awakening. None of the hacks leave any proof that you are using these powerful methods.

Final Thoughts

Diep.io is a unique and engaging game, and there’s nothing else out there quite like it. They took a good concept (agar.io and slither.io) and improved on it where it needed improvement and left the rest alone. It’s quick to get started playing, but you will soon see the legitimate strategy needing to play the game at a high level and not be constantly destroyed by higher level tanks. Or, you can utilize these diep.io hacks and be the ultimate tank.